PS3 & PS4 Emulator Apps for iOS, Android, PC & Mac – From dreams to reality?

I’ve stumbled across one very interesting topic today on Reddit’s gaming section; PS3 and PS4 emulators are in developing stage and soon will to be able to run SONY’s games on smartphones! This is astonishing to hear how technology has advanced and new are of gaming is knocking on our doors at this time.

PS4 Emulator
Bloodborne screenshot took from Android phone.

Who would ever think about before CCA five years something like this will ever happen in gaming world. Consoles are always considered as advanced complex piece of hardware designed specially to run games developed for them only. Not even PC’s with strongest specifications could run PlayStation games not that long ago with PCSX2 and RPCS3 programs.
What happened recently is a drastically improvement and progress in mobile phones market. Giants like Apple, Samsung and many other new smartphone publishing companies are battling for throne to gain most of profit from their customers. And because it’s a multi-million profit involved, they’re prepared to do everything possible to produce best quality and highly advanced devices with as many innovative features possible. This is why we see smartphones like newest iPhone’s and Galaxy’s S series are so fast and powerful today, and it’s not even a miracle anyone that emulator apps are made for them as well. What’s it interesting for now is to wait SONY’s reaction whether they’ll do something about this move to keep their place in gaming marketing. Since it’s much easier to enjoy games wherever you want using a mobile phone, this is not case with playing on console, where player is restricted to area where their console is placed.

Where to find and download these apps?
Because we do not advertise here linking to any direct source of software to keep copyright and legal rights, we’ll give you links of their Facebook pages so you can find these emulators there easily.
For PS3 one (PS3Mobi – mobile version app and ePS3e – desktop one), check out this page, and for PS4 one (named PS4Emus) click here.

Both are supported for desktop computers and mobile operating systems:
– Windows (x32 & x64), Mac OS, Android and iOS (iPad/iPhone)

Before you start playing on them, we’ll share some interesting feature which these tools have which will make you even more excited to have them installed.
– You don’t have to search for games and download them separately for playing on these emulators!
You ask yourselves why? Well that’s because their developers made an online server which is connected with emulators with database where all of most popular PlayStation games are uploaded.

PS3 emulator MGS5

So all player have to do is to get connected to some strong internet network (Obviously WiFi one because PS3 & PS4 games are large sized) and either play games online from their app or download them on their device’s storage and play them whenever they want, even if internet connection is shut down.