About Us

Sonic Anime is a next generation blog about gaming topics which includes every existing platform which can run video games. These are mobile phones (Majority smartphones with Android or iOS operating systems), gameboy pads, consoles, tablets and of course desktop computers.

On this site gamers can find everything which might interest them. From computer parts reviews, like graphic cards, monitors, gaming mouses etc (all in shortly called “hardware”), to games and applications like mods, cheats, jailbreaks and such.
All of our posts are detailed described to provide maximum information for users so they can easily learn and store new tricks and knowledge.

Sonic Anime team is composed of two passionate gamers as well who decided to share their skills and years (probably our whole lives) of gaming experience with new players. From our early child days (We are 90 kids) we owned any console which got released. First Nintendo’s, Game Boy’s, PlayStation’s and PC were our main love and meanings of our lives until today when their newer generations still continuing evolving. So when we say we’re here to share our experience with you then it’s proved we mean that seriously! 🙂

Always feel free to share our posts and articles with your friends on your social media profiles. It will mean a lot to our community to grow and get known. As we are still new place of this kind in a huge pool of competition our main goal for now is to swim up above and gets noticed from from as many gamers as we can.

Thank you for being part of our community and for reading!

Contact e-mail: admin@sonicanime.net