The Best Graphic Card of 2018: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080
If you are the type of gamer who goes for the best to keep the games looking sharp in your monitor, you need a powerful graphics card. The new standard for ultra-smooth graphics is a display of 60 frames per second and a resolution of 4K on a single GPU, and that’s what The Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 delivers as the most powerful GPU of 2018. Never mind the hefty price tag of $1200, this device will have your computer providing crystal clear images at top speeds that very few monitors can actually show.

The Factory Specs

When you release this product out of its package, you unleash the power of 11 gigabytes of GDDR6-VRAM with 4352 CUAD cores and powerful boost clock that runs at 1635 Mhz. Nvidia has gone the extra mile to justify this expense by developing a 90 Mhz custom overclock. When you compare the new Nvidia model to the previous one, this one feels like a toy. The GPU it’s also equipped with two new types of cores never released to the mass market previously: a 68-RT core and a 544-Tensor core.

Core Tasks and Ports

The 68-RT core is tasked with power ray tracing that allows complex rendering and management of lighting and shadows that go beyond anything delivered by a 1080p resolution. The 544-Tensor core brings AI features to graphics level to get rid once for all of the anti-aliasing. The tests that have been done on the GPU so far has shown that this particular card can run eight times faster than previous releases, making every pixelated effect to go away effectively. As for ports, long gone are high-bandwidth connector used by the company, Nvidia is using now the brand new NV link interface that works 50 times faster.

Cooling System

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 I the first one to include dual fan coolers to keep the GPU running smoothly at all moments by taking fresh air and splashing it all over the computer to make the heat go away on every direction. The system has proven to be very effective, but you will need a big case to make sure the components don’t overheat. The device is also lined with a brand new vapor chamber that covers the main parts of the circuit board. The GPU is supposed to work quietly at all moments. The early testing done by professionals at the time of their release has given the thumbs ups performance wise, even if the card does get a few degrees hotter than it should.

Final Take on Performance

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 is one of the first true devices developed for personal computers aimed to unleash the full power of 4K Ultra HD, so it would be best to have the monitor capability to show off the power of such an expensive investment. The current generation of games do achieve a quality that it has never been seen, but the top performance of games released on 2018 goes as high as 50 FPS which means that there are still no games capable of taking advantage of the full potential of this GPU. You can still get it though, any game coming now will only look better with this on your hands!