So after 11 years, is finally shutting down. The site has been dead for a while, and with my dedication to other areas of the Sonic community, it was only a matter of time.

It's been a wonderful journey ever since we started in 2003, and being able to enjoy 3 seasons of Sonic X. But with the coming of Sonic Boom, I must move on and prepare for a new generation.

You guys will have until January 14th, 2015 to make note of the following websites below that I do run.

CHAOSBLAST.NET E-MAIL SERVICES - Ever wanted a Sonic themed e-mail? Come get a e-mail, powered by Microsoft Outlook

SONADOW ONLINE - Your number one spot for Sonic x Shadow fanfiction and artwork

SONIC REVOLUTION - Both a convention and a movement, aiming to be the first "FAN-RUN" Sonic themed convention in the UNITED STATES, and also a movement to help Sonic fans around the world form meetups and conventions of their own!

SONICBOOMTV.NET - the upcoming sucessor to and, covering the latest on the Sonic Boom franchise.

SONIC KINGDOM - Explore the world of Sonic Remix and check out old websites from the past, building up to the present day!

SONIC RADIO - The FIRST Sonic themed radio station on the internet, started December 5th, 1998!

SONICREMIX.NET - Sonic Remix's personal website, you can check out her other projects here!