Rally Round The King – Campaign Game Supplement

While I was searching a way through of 18th Century Imagi-Nation figures and accidentally pottering about what’s inside the basement where my player-icons are stored, I decided to wait for the operators to start their job down here. I switched in to few boxes of Caesar 1/72 magic figures I got recently and it got my creative juices on top. Now I already have a powerful pair of Hostile Realms rules (which act on the Piquet area), as well as Dux Britanniarum (by Too Fat Lardies which feature historical Dark Age wargaming). I also own Theater of War (campaign rules also by Piquet), and Rally Round the King (by Two Hour Wargames.

Yes, I know, I am a rules magpie.
Now I love the campaign system in Dux Britanniarum. I think they are simple, flow well and creative great narratives. I like the solo playability of Hostile Realms, and I like Rally Round the King for the same reason.
While my brian was trying to create a Frankenstein hybrid of these rules systems, I remembered that Mike Sagliano had sent me a copy of his Rally Round The King Campaign Rules. This meaty pdf weighs in a 90 pages, and is a treasure trove of cool ideas.

So I dragged my 7-year old home from the playground (I had been sat there for four hours) and booted up my PC, hoping that one pdf would be the electrical spark that animated (more…)

PS3 & PS4 Emulator Apps for iOS, Android & PC – From dreams to reality?

I’ve stumbled across one very interesting topic today on Reddit’s gaming section; PS3 and PS4 emulators are in developing stage and soon will to be able to run SONY’s games on smartphones! This is astonishing to hear how technology has advanced and new are of gaming is knocking on our doors at this time.

PS4 Emulator
Bloodborne screenshot took from Android phone.

Who would ever think about before CCA five years something like this will ever happen in gaming world. Consoles are always considered as advanced complex piece of hardware designed specially to run games developed for them only. Not even PC’s with strongest specifications could run PlayStation games not that long ago with PCSX2 and RPCS3 programs.
What happened recently is a (more…)

Clash Of Clans (CoC) – Attack Tips

Clash of Clans is all about building your base, defences, Elixir (E) and Gold (G) Collectors and, of course, attacking other players’ bases.

For many this is the most enjoyable part of the game. I tend to average 50k G & E with attacks, mainly due to careful selection of the base I want to attack. Just occasionally there’s a player who doesn’t understand how to protect themselves for their level. Usually they are the ones who see the Trophy Count as the most important part of the game. It’s not. Look:
CoC attack tricks

This is my best haul of the game so-far. The base was really easy to attack too. Put down some archers as “distraction” for the defences, wait a second or three, run the wallbreakers in, then the giants. Wait for a few seconds for the giants to start attacking the defences and then send the goblins in. After that it’s simply dumping the rest of the archers, putting the clan castle in last and if nothing pops out of the defender’s clan castle, use the lightning spell if you need/want to.

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Here’s my troop list: (more…)